Europ Assistance, you live, we care


"Caring" means promoting values on a daily basis for the well-being of our customers.


Highlighting the human relationship in a changing world

Given growing globalization and changes in society, confidence and proximity are increasingly important. This is why we have made a commitment to highlight the aspect of human contact in a changing world.

The Europ Assistance Group puts people at the heart of its Care Services. We provide a personalized answer in the language of our customers anywhere the world, to guarantee your well-being and peace of mind wherever you may be. 

The Care ethic:  care, kindness and, professionalism

If Europ Assistance succeeds in assisting you in everyday and exceptional circumstances with total confidence, it is because every employee shares a number of human values: the pioneering spirit, integrity, value creation, team performance and commitment to our customers. 

"Caring" means taking care of our customers from day to day, and this promise can only be kept through a human and ethical attitude.