Europ Assistance, you live, we care


As a responsible company, Europ Assistance aims to contribute to a new form of solidarity by putting people at the heart of economic and social progress.


Social Responsibility with you …

Taking care of you and your family in both everyday life and exceptional circumstances. Making your trips and travel safe. Monitoring your health circuit. As a services company, it is our responsibility to give you support in a changing world. This is why we have created our Care Services, a new generation of personalized assistance services to improve the daily lives of every one of you, and ensure a tranquil life.

… and with our staff and partners

Our logo "you live we care" embodies our commitment towards our customers and staff alike.

At Europ Assistance, Corporate Social Responsibility is a factor for consensus within the company. It is based on a code of ethics shared by all Europ Assistance staff everywhere, and also by our service providers and associated partners. It shines through especially brightly in our commitment to the promotion of social entrepreneurship, which we have made one of the cornerstones of our CSR initiative. 

Supporting social entrepreneurship with Ashoka

We are convinced that society is moving towards a more solidarity-conscious world through the actions of entrepreneurs in the field, who are using their creativity and motivation to bring about change. This is why Europ Assistance is committed to promoting social entrepreneurship alongside the international association Ashoka.

Through our subsidiaries in 10 different countries, we provide financial and operational support to social entrepreneurs from the Ashoka network who act and innovate in the realm of health and personal services in particular. We make our methods and expertise available to them to organize and support the development of their initiatives. We also aim to contribute to the construction of an economic model that is both more socially responsible and more efficient.

Martin Vial, CEO of the Europ Assistance Group and Arnaud Mourot, Ashoka’s CEO in France, Belgium and Switzerland, share their view ot social entrepreneurship in this video:


Because Corporate Responsibility also involves ecology, we are working for a greener world.

By creating the First Selected Green Network, Europ Assistance is innovating with the first ever totally eco-responsible assistance solution.  Our customers in the automobile world can now rely on a labelled service provider network offering environmentally-friendly services, with electric or low CO2 emission transport , bicycle hire, and so on.

At the same time, the Group is working on an offer dedicated to the owners and users of electric cars.

Health commitments

Because prevention and assistance in health are the focus of our business, we contribute actively to health initiatives throughout the world.

 We have made a commitment alongside Massivegood, a health promotion and fund-raising programme for emerging countries. This partnership enables us to act in preventing and combatting endemic and contagious diseases like AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

Local initiatives  

Europ Assistance and its subsidiaries are committed throughout the world to health, social and humanitarian actions that target the real needs of the countries where the Group is present.  

This commitment is based on local knowledge and skills, and produces tangible results.   

Examples :
- The Group's IHS division recently signed a partnership with AMREF, an association well known for its airborne ambulance service, the "Flying doctors", and which takes action to develop healthcare in Africa.
- support for earthquake victims in  Abruzzo (Europ Assistance Italy)
- mobilisation of staff on behalf of families with AIDS (Europ Assistance South Africa)
- support for the  "Paint a Smile" Foundation to promote a more human approach in psychiatric hospitals (Europ Assistance Portugal).

Formal commitments

The Group has formalized this vision of commitment through four charters:
- The Generali charter
- The Generali code of ethics
- Ethical principles held by all the Group's international agents
- The IHS charter